Our Sikligar Sikh Children

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words.  If this is true, then the pictures of these Sikligar Sikh children tell a great story.  These children are a part of the larger number of  Sikligar Sikh children that Nishkam Canada has committed to looking after when it comes to their school fees, school supplies and after school hours tuition.


Jagdeep Singh Kuldeep Singh Chandra Kaur
Reshma Kaur Meena Kaur Sangita Kaur
Ajai Singh Mehar Kaur Kishan Singh
Mamta Kaur Soni Kaur Gobind Singh
Badal Singh Kiran Kaur Sanju Singh
Chandani Kaur Amardas Singh Manohar Singh
Gobind Singh Sapna Kaur Parkash Singh
Joti Kaur Priti Kaur Chandni Kaur
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